Pipewrap Composite Repair

Pipe Wrap provides engineered composite materials to alleviate the high cost of welded repairs and pipe replacements.

We offer solutions for structural reinforcement, leak repair as well as corrosion prevention. Pipe Wrap ® is the only engineering company that offers a wide selection of pipe repair systems that have been extensively tested by reputable laboratories.

Structural Repair

Pipe Wrap® Inc. provides high‐performance composite repair systems that restore pipe integrity lost to  external corrosion, “hits,” and other mechanical damage. Our products are third‐party tested and designed to ASME PCC‐2 and ISO 24817 standards.

We offer industry leading composite pipeline repair solutions — backed by solid composite design engineering, extensive testing and years of on‐site installations. We have systems to fit almost every need.

  • A+ Wrap ™
  • Formashield ™
  • Atlas
  • SplashGuard ™

Leak Repair

There’s nothing worse than seeing a pipe leak — rightfully so. From pinhole water leaks to corrosive chemical leaks, Pipe Wrap’s leak repair systems alleviate your concerns.

Keep Leak Repair Kits on hand for temporary repairs. Our custom designed systems can be used for longer‐term repairs, or for corrosive chemical environments. Composite repairs are NOT appropriate for all conditions. Contact us today for a repair evaluation.

  • Pipe Wrap ™
  • Emergency Pipe Repair Kit (EPRK™)
  • RidgeBack ™
  • Active Leak Repair Jit (ALRK™)
  • LeakStop ™
  • Pipe Wrap Residential

Corrosion Prevention

Corrosion costs the US over $270 Billion annually – roughly 3% of GDP! If you work in the Oil Patch, you’re paying your share of a $17 Billion bill … each and every year. That’s enough to cover damages for a year’s worth of hurricanes, floods, tornadoes and earthquakes. And, it never stops …

Our customers work in tough environments … so do our products. Our piping and pipeline corrosion protection lineup features cost‐effective solutions for wet, sub‐sea, and cold‐wet environments. Crevice corrosion, Corrosion Under Insulation, and surface abrasion are absolutely relentless.

  • PipeSock ™
  • GenWrap ™
  • SplashGuard ™
  • TS Insulcoat ™
  • Abrasive Resistant Coating (ARC ™)