SKF Lincoln Centralized Lubrication System

Lincoln provide industrial and automotive service professionals with the world’s best lubrication equipment, heavy‐duty fluid pumping products and world class technical service.

Gugusan Dominasi is proud to be a part of the distribution network.

Automated Lubrication

Single‐line, dual line, progressive and other systems designed to protect valuable production equipment and machinery.

  • Centro‐Matic Lubrication System
  • HELIOS Lubrication System
  • Oil Circulation System
  • ORSCO Engineered System
  • Lubrication for Railway
  • Spray and Special Lubrication System
  • Multi Line and Progressive System
  • Automated Chain Lubrication System
  • Modular Lube Lubrication System

General Lubrication

Grease Guns, pumps for oil and grease, diaphragm pumps, transfer equipment and a complete line of accessories.

  • Power Luber
  • Heavy Duty Lubrication pump
  • Control Valves and Meters
  • General Lubrication Pumps
  • Automotive and Industrial Hose Reels
  • Hand Held Lubrication Gun
  • Guardian™ Lubrication
  • Lincoln Fluid Control

Heavy Duty Pumps

Industry leading PowerMaster® and PileDriver® pumps, pump stations, and system accessories for adhesives, sealants, printing inks and other heavy, difficult‐to‐pump materials.

  • PowerMaster III
  • PileDriver III
  • Hydro‐PowerMaster
  • PowerMaster II Pumps
  • Magan Ram
  • Measuring Valves
  • Air Operated Ejectors
  • Ultra High Pressure Pumps for Pressure Control Application

Grease Fittings & Accessories

The original “Bullneck” fitting plus many more configurations to meet the most demanding applications. Accessories available to set up remote lubrication of difficult or hard to reach fittings.