Thermographic Intregrity Inspection

Our main goal is to perform quality inspections. To obtain this goal we only use qualified personnel as well as high resolution cameras which can recognize even the smallest deviations. All our inspectors are ITC certified, and has a DNV or Nemko certificate.

We provide thermal surveys offshore, onshore and overseas. We have skilled personnel performing several applications within thermography to meet the customers needs.

Condition Monitoring Based Maintenance

Thermographic integrity inspections are used to determine the condition of the equipment (which can be used as a baseline measurement) and to reveal any hidden problems.

Commissioning & Turnaround Optimisation

Where maintenance is mainly performed according to an agreed time interval, using thermography, the maintenance interval can be determined based on the state of repair: condition ‐ dependent maintenance planning.

Insulation Inspections

Insulation inspections ‐ Energy plants for scope definitions. Thermographic integrity inspections can be a very powerful tool to inspect easily the presence and the quality of the insulation around piping and equipment. Quite often, insulation parts are removed for maintenance purposes and never put back in place which can be easily detectedusing this technique. Also, the insulation quality throughout the years will be visualized on thermal images.

Hidden Corrosion Detection

Hidden corrosion detection ‐ Corrosion under insulation Thermographic integrity inspections cannot be used to detect corrosion itself, but it can detect a reduction in the insulation properties of the insulation resulting in an increase on surface temperature of a system. For system temperatures ranging from approximately 50°C to approximately 150°C, this is a very
strong possible indication of CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation).

Electrical inspections

Significant damage due to overheating of electrical installation components can occur. Measuring the heat generation by the thermographic research of electrical devices and installations (split) is an excellent tool to detect and avoid unnecessary power consumption, disturbances, (fire) damage and/or consequential damages.

Process Optimisation

Thermographic integrity inspections can be used for level measurements on storage tanks, sediment control tanks, process control optimisation, piping and cooling system throughput measurements, and many more.